The Pier 120 Story

Founded by Sharon Walker, Pier 120 is an established Restaurant and Venue nestled at the borderline of Brampton, Mississauga and Vaughan. This important cultural and intimate restaurant and venue in Brampton has been home to us since it was established in 2017.

We are dedicated to fostering creativity within a hyper-diverse space and promoting the beauty of expression in our everyday lives. Since 2019, we have provided and accessible space for artist to showcase their talent within the Brampton community.

Pier 120 encountered a major expansion in January 2023. By creating a larger space to display professional artists to the public, the Venue is now a fully operational event space providing a unique atmosphere for weddings, fundraisers, and corporate events while promoting live entertainment to a larger audience. 

Pier 120 is proud to have been a part of the Brampton community since it opened in 2017 and continues to thrive in its unique ambience and culture.

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